Bridging the world's two greatest trading nations

Ainsley Shea, one of America's fastest growing, most experienced communications and business-to-business marketing companies, proudly announces its newest sister-office, Ainsley Shea China.

From nanotechnology to biomedicine, alternative energy to agriculture, U.S. and Chinese companies and interests have never been more eager to work together. But finding and connecting with the right partner thousands of miles away can be challenging. Language barriers and cultural differences can be confusing. By leveraging Ainsley Shea's expertise, our clients find a shortcut in identifying the best opportunities, connecting with the right people, and appropriately communicating with target audiences across the Pacific—saving time, cost and effort.

With a deep appreciation and understanding of the U.S.-China business culture, an extensive contact network in both countries, and a solid commitment to ethical business practices, Ainsley Shea China is ready to help you:

Broker strong partnerships

Bridge cultural and language differences

Assist U.S. companies in targeting opportunities within China

Serve Chinese companies seeking to adapt to U.S. business rules and regulation systems

Our Services

Identify Business Opportunities

We arrange meetings precisely targeted to our clients' needs. On customized China trips, we help our clients learn about the real China, adapt to Chinese culture, build a network, and identify the best business model for the Chinese market.

Distributor/Business Partner Search

Using our China network, we identify distributors and business partners for your firm. We will provide a list, including business names, overview, and contact information for each identified search result. And we will help you get a dialogue started with targeted partners.

Typically, we help connect businesses to businesses, but we also help clients with government partners and direct-to-consumer needs. Price varies by functions, industries, and requirements.

Strategic Planning & Business Consulting

We help our clients see potential interests, opportunities, and benefits in China. We will learn, analyze, and position your company's story in a proposal that lists opportunities and provides the right approach to implementation.

New Entity Set-up

We help U.S. companies take advantage of tremendous manufacturing and marketing opportunities, organize factory operations, and set up subsidiary and sales offices in China—prudently, efficiently, cost-effectively.

Branding and Marketing

We have a top-notch in-house creative team. Our designers have a keen understanding of preferred Chinese and American styles, themes, images, and icons; and they are brilliant with Chinese square fonts.

Public Relations and Public Affairs

We develop astute strategies for our clients regarding media relations, public affairs, brand recognition campaigns, and crisis-management operations.


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